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Relentless Hustle

It's not enough to try. Chase it like crazy; if it doesn't happen then, it wasn't meant to.

Never Say Die

Keep trying till the verdict is out. Don't be the reason for your failure.

Healthy Lifestyle

You are only as good as your being so keep it in top condition.

Me First

You won't be able to make others happy if you aren't. Don't compromise on your substance.

Uncertainty is Key

We know nothing. Thus, there lies no justification for extremely harsh punishment without gathering as much information as possible.

Nothing's Too Small or Big

The same way there is never a task to challenging to triumph over, there is never a task to menial to work hard on. Do your work, yourself.

Maintain Friendships

People bring happiness to other people. It's a fact of life, but this happiness is an investment of time. Invest time and energy into friendships.

Do It For The Story

Should I or should I not? Don't overthink it. Just do it. You have no idea how this event may compound in your favor. you don't want to stand in  it's way.

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