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Educating Indian Girls

Why Do I Care

Although I was born and brought up in Canada, my parents always ensured that my sister and I were connected to our background. We know the Indian Culture, the language, and of course the movie industry! After loving and appreciating having this ethnicity and background, our family had been wanting to give back to the country. After learning about this initiative and how it holds the potential to solve many of the problems the country faces today, we immediately jumped for the opportunity. I, being a girl understand the value and impact an education has not only for careers and independence but also because of the mental state and confidence. This is why I work for this cause, now let me know what brings you here and send me an email on your story!

Educating Young Girls In India

My Journey

I am a high school student who attends Abbey Park. I have many talents and have undertaken numerous leadership positions. One of them would be my connection with Arrow By Crossbow, an initiative to educate young girls in India. I got involved with it over a dinner, when one of my family friends came over and mentioned the initiative, that's all my family talked about for at least a week thereafter. I then took the leap to help this initiative by fundraising in my school's foyer. I spent hours and hours making hundreds of phone calls and sending an unimaginable amount of emails to small businesses, corporations and local stores for donations which I would then sell in my school. I raised 500 dollars for the cause in doing so! After all this hard work Arrow By Crossbow was generous enough to name me the Canadian Chapter head of the initiative and I hope I do not disappoint them. However, there is still more work to be done. Please press the button bellow in order to make a donation, it would be much appreciated.

The Arrow By Crossbow Movement

What Is It About?

Srishti Bakshi, the daughter of a General in the Indian Army, has taken the initiative to embark on an over 260 day walk across the country. Many people have joined her and turned this idea into an organization. Not only do they walk, but they stop at villages and run workshops for young children, they give announcements at schools but most importantly, they tell you how you can help. They hope to reach one billion steps but not alone. The initiative has created an app for people who may not have the money to donate, or are to far to physically participate. When downloading the app, you can help out from halfway across the world and contribute from your own house! For more information please visit their site or contact me.

How Can You Help

The same way I am! Fundraise, donate money, download the app and collect steps! Just send me an email! I'll be happy to help you out! The simplest way would be to download the app Crossbow Miles available on the Play Store and the App Store! Then you can refer your friends, have friendly competitions while fighting for a good cause. You can even go a step further, donate! Just press the button below to donate to the initiative. If you show enough interest and really want to help, just shoot me an email. I have been wanting to initiate a walk in North America as well to raise awareness and cover the whole globe but I need your support! If you think you would like to participate in something like this, just let me know and I'll get right back to you.

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