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In and out of school


Outside of School

Some of the main things that I have done outside of school would include my Arrow By Crossbow initiative. I have raised nearly 1000 dollars for the initiative after making posters, conducting bake sales, etc. After these efforts, the initiative was generous enough to name me the Canadian Chapter Head, and I don't plan on letting them down. Another initiative I have followed through with would be my presence on the Equity and Equality board of the Halton District School Board. I got there through the Student Senate, regardless of it being an adult board, and now strongly share my opinions about how to completely eliminate inequality in schools.

  • Arrow By Crossbow

    • Can​adian Chapter Head

  • Equity and Equality Board

    • Present in an adult board

In School


Leadership Positions

  • Student Senate

    • A link between the Student Trustees and all students

    • Two representatives from each High School

  • Student Council

    • A school committee comprised of students​

    • Made for students to take leadership positions

Academic Clubs

  • DECA

    • Preparing students for careers in Business

  • Debate Team

    • Groups of selected two students formally argue a given topic

  • Legal Eagles

    • A law club which eventually conducts a Mock Trial​

      • Mock Trial - mimic of a court case conducted by students​

Athletics, Arts

  • Volleyball

    • Played as a middle on my school team​​

  • Cross Country

    • Always place well in this sport​

    • I practice everyday on the treadmill

  • Band

    • I was the first Clarinet in my school's band​

  • Vocal Ensemble

    • I was the first Soprano is my school's choir​

Accomplishments: News

Work Experience

Magazines pile

Hastings, Charlebois

Law Firm

I had a great time working as a receptionist, for volunteer hours in the Hastings, Charlebois law firm. I gained a lot of exposure which I owe to Henri Charlebois. I really hope I can continue with this job during my next summer vacation. If you have any questions about the experience please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Magazines pile

English Second Language tutoring

In Funbulous

I worked with Funbulous, previously known as JiaQ, for just a few weeks during my Summer Vacation. I would wake up fairly early in the morning at around five to do online sessions with around six ESL students. I had an excellent experience and learnt many skills such as using more body language and using more simpler language when necessary. If you want to contact me more about this please just reach out to me through email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Magazines pile

State Farm

Sales Team Member

I had a great time working with in State Farm taking calls and filing for the office and hope that I get an opportunity to this next summer as well. If you have any further questions about this experience, please just send an email and I'll get right back to you as soon as possible.

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